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Spreading Harmony: The Kids Love Music Charitable Trust Continues to Make Soundwaves!

Recently, The Kids Love Music Charitable Trust made another mark on the music education landscape. The Trust donated three guitars and a Yamaha PSR-150 keyboard to St. Paul’s Primary School, enriching their music room and providing opportunities for young musicians.

The Trust is working closely with St. Paul’s to deliver the Music Taster Programme, providing group lessons where children can explore instruments and discover their musical passions. The programme’s popularity across multiple schools in the region underscores the pressing need for instruments to meet the growing demand. Thankfully, the Trust is buoyed by the support of numerous generous donors and the expertise of local luthier and music technician, Neville Claughton, affectionately known as Mr. Music.

The impact of these donations is palpable, as expressed by music teacher John Phillips, who warmly welcomed the instruments, emphasising the invaluable opportunities they provide for students.

‘We are so grateful to be working alongside the KLM Trust this year, being able to offer more of our students an opportunity to wet their appetite for learning a musical instrument,’ he said.

While student Tom already had a pretty strong grounding in guitar, newbies Maddison, Tate and Zara were a little shy to play a tune on the day, but said that maybe next time they would!

Trust Founder Wayne Densem expressed his delight at the popularity of the programme. ‘It’s great to see the uptake in Music Taster and to know that kids who otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to give music a go are getting stuck in and really enjoying the experience!’

‘St Paul’s is the latest school to join the Kids Love Music whānau which now extends to six schools across the region.

The school is a great fit for the Trust, explains John. ‘our common goal is for as many children as possible to develop a lifelong interest in music. Music enriches our lives in so many ways and to get children interested and passionate about learning an instrument from a young age can only have positive results for them in the future.”

The Music Taster Programme does exactly what it says – gives kids a taste of music. If you would like to support us in our mission to give this opportunity to more kids, or learn more about our work, please get in touch.

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