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About Us

How and why was the Kids Love Music Trust formed?

Giving a child access to music provides positive benefits that can last a lifetime. It inspires creativity, develops concentration and patience, and is well known to help with maths and language skills. As a way for a young person to express themselves, music can be soothing, but also exciting and totally exhilarating!
It also helps with self-esteem and confidence, and provides an opportunity for children to develop social skills and connections.
We all know that the strain on funds within the school sector prevents children from having access to opportunities. For this reason, a small group of us with a passion for music, formed a charitable trust with the aim of raising funds to help children learn music in local primary and intermediate schools. The Trust provides assistance with tuition fees and in obtaining instruments.

What we offer

The Kids Love Music Charitable Trust allows children to engage with learning music.

To do this, we offer:

• A Music Taster Programme
Small group lessons at school as a short introduction to music, open to all who show interest. It funds a block of group music lessons that are available to any student who would like to try playing a musical instrument.

• Music Scholarships
Financial support for keen students who could not otherwise afford to keep learning music at school, and for children who need financial help to enter the music pathway.

• Musical instruments in schools
Providing instruments at the earliest stage allows children to have a go! We source used instruments (e.g., keyboards) that can be given a new life with a learner. To apply for funding please click here.

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